Machining & Routing

Machining and routing by Northern Contours can transform an ordinary part into a highly functional component. We utilize our years of experience and 3-axis routers to create practical design features in Thermofoil (3D Laminate) wrapped components, all while maintaining a tight seal on all edges. Featuring wire management cut-outs, cup holders, spill containment edges, and more.

Our expertise will also help you achieve quick and easy assembly of components. We provide accurate drilling and routing for hinges, backside machining or insertion of metal hardware into cabinet doors and other components to make end assembly steps a snap.

Our Sketch Face capabilities also open a world of design possibilities. Using laser cut inlays, we can help you create a wealth of custom sketch designs that flow between cabinet doors or along statement surfaces.


  • Wire Management Cut-Outs
  • Grommet Holes
  • Spill Containment
  • Sketch Face Wood Veneer
  • Custom Design Elements
  • Decorative Thermofoil Wall Panels
  • Routed Shapes in Thermofoil Components
  • Custom Designs with Positive & Negative Reliefs
  • Utensil Grooves
  • Contoured Seats & Benches
  • Cup Holders
  • Routing for Cabinet Door Hinges
  • Backside Machining and Routing
  • Routing and Inserting Metal Hardware
  • Sketch Face Wood Veneer & Acrylic Cabinet Doors
Sketch Face Cabinet and Furniture Components

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