About Us

With more than 25 years in business, the spirit of change has been the constant driving force behind Northern Contours. We are driven by change to be better, to create inspiring & quality products, and to be responsive to our industry and customers. This is our story.

Northern Contours was founded in 1992 in Fergus Falls, Minnesota by Mike Rone & Duaine Miranowski with the goal of bringing “membrane pressing” to the US market. With its start in Europe in the 1980s, membrane pressing was the new, cost-effective way to manufacture cabinet doors, and in the US, kitchen cabinet companies were becoming very interested in it. With our focus on Membrane Press technology, the vision for Northern Contours was to be a flexible, responsive company capable of competitive lead times & great customer service.

From 1992 through the early 2000s, membrane pressed cabinet doors were our “bread & butter,” thanks to the booming housing market and great demand for kitchen & bath cabinets. Wood Veneer panels were also a large part of our business in the early years.

In 2000 we diversified our product lines and began exploring new market channels. This expanded our business from cabinet doors & veneer inserts to membrane pressed surfaces, panels, and more intricate components requiring experience and great skill to craft. This evolution also helped pave our way in the industry as a leader in trends and design with an ever-expanding offering of the latest materials and European styles.

With a talented and dedicated team of more than 450 employees at our core, our roots have spread from Fergus Falls, MN to manufacturing facilities in Corbin, Kentucky, Mesa, Arizona, and most recently, London, Ontario. Comprising over 420,000 square feet of space, our facilities serve customers throughout North America.