Laminating & Edgebanding

Utilizing special techniques, the right machinery, and years of experience, we meticulously manufacture the modern cabinet doors that compose our LEVEL line of flat laminated and edgebanded products.

The process starts with Northern Contours’ highly efficient PUR Lamination line. This machinery allows for a faster turnaround, a very high substrate to material bond strength, and a higher resistance to heat and moisture. After creating cabinet doors in a variety of materials suited for flat lamination, we finish the square slab look with a number of different edgebanding options, including matching, 2-part, 3D Aluminum, and Steel Gloss.

Flat Laminated Components

  • High Gloss Acrylic Cabinet Doors
  • Textured Melamine Cabinets Doors (TFL)
  • FENIX NTM® Nanotech Matte Cabinet Doors
  • Select Thermofoil Cabinet Doors (3D Laminate)
  • Acrylic Marker Boards
  • Other materials ideally suited for flat lamination
Flat Laminates LEVEL

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